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About Ed

I would like to welcome you to Ed Askew Photography.  In 1981 I began my love/hate relationship with photography when I got a disk camera for my birthday.  I loved taking pictures but the pictures were junk.  The disk camera had horrible pictures.  I then bought a Pentax Super Program camera a year later and began entering into the world of photography.  In the 20 years I owned it, I took maybe 50 rolls of film the first year and 10 roll of film in the next 19 years.  Between college, kids and work I had no time.  I am a software engineer and travel a lot for my job.  Many people that donít travel a lot think that traveling for your job would be exotic and fun, especially when your work pays for it.  After spending countless hours in airports, sitting way too much on airplanes, staying too many nights in hotels and watching too much TV, especially those news programs that show how they never clean your hotel room very good, I came to the conclusion that this exotic travel isnít as fun as people think.  One week while working at a warehouse in Erie Pennsylvania, a few of us couldnít work the weekend and couldnít go home, so we decided to drive to Maine for lobster.  I went and bought a disposable camera and we were off.  After 11 states and over 1500 miles, I had some lobster and a few snap shots, but I didnít have any photographs.  When I got home I found my old Pentex super program camera that I had never used much and decided to take it traveling with me because that disposable camera made those pictures bad.  Well a few rolls of film later, I learned that it just might not be the camera at fault.  I began to read books and practice photography.  Instead of sitting in a bacteria filled hotel room, I was out taking sunset pictures after work.  All of the sudden I started ending up with a couple of post card photos every roll.  Now I am on my third camera and still learning how to take better photographs.  I now spend my mornings and evening out photographing with my camera instead of sitting on a hotel bed watching TV wondering when they washed the bed spread last.

My daughter is on the Bingham High Girls basketball team and I have found it a great way to spend the winter in a Gym taking sport photos.  We also have season tickets to the Utah Girls Gymnastics where of course my camera goes.

Hope you like my pictures.  I would love to hear what you think, just click the contact link.  


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